Les Films de Cannes à Bucarest festival organizes the 8th edition of the Managing Talents workshop on October 28

Managing Talents is a program designed for actors as part of Les Films de Cannes festival.

Within the Managing Talents program, participating actors have the opportunity to meet

Romanian and international casting directors and talent agents, learn how to create an effective self-tape, and participate in acting workshops.

This year’s edition in Bucharest offers a workshop with David Zitzlsperger, representative of the www.filmmakers.eu platform, the largest network of professional actors in the EU, and an interactive workshop with actor and acting trainer Julien Javions.

Where and when: at Cinema Union, Saturday 28 October from 10am to 2pm.

There are two ways to register:

Participatory: submit a self-tape with the short sequence from the form before October 22. This means that you will volunteer to work on stage for the second half of the workshop and receive detailed feedback on your work during or after the workshop.

Present: You don’t have time to submit a video sample, but you’re interested in coming as an audience member.

Registration: Participation is free and open to professional and amateur actors, but access is only possible after registration through the form below:

All workshops will be held in English.


In the world of acting, achieving greatness and maintaining it requires continuous dedication, much like an athlete honing their skills. Your ability to perform exceptionally is not just pivotal to your current projects but also opens doors to new opportunities. While your existing network supports your present endeavors, venturing into new territory often demands acing cold auditions. These auditions challenge you to prove your talent and skills from scratch, often to strangers who uphold even higher standards than your current associates.

During auditions, there are 27 unspoken factors that assess an actor’s performance. These factors categorize actors into different levels, based on their ability to address these criteria.  Explore the 27 factors used to evaluate actors and learn how to use them to your advantage.