SACD Award, Critics’ Week, Cannes 2021

Directed by: Elie Grappe
Country: Switzerland, Ukraine, France
Year: 2021
Length: 87 minutes
Genre: drama

Olga is a 15-year-old passionate Ukrainian gymnast. Exiled in Switzerland, she does her best to fit into the national team. But the Euromaidan revolt erupts in Kiev, suddenly involving everyone she cares about. As the young girl prepares for the European Championship, the revolution enters her life and shakes everything up on its way…

Directed by: Elie Grappe

Screenplay: Elie Grappe

Cinematography: Lucie Baudinaud

Editing: Suzana Pedro

Sound: Raphael Sohier

Production Design: Ivan Niclass, Pascal Baillods

Nastya Budiashkina

Caterina Barloggio

Jérôme Martin

Théa Brogli

Original language: French, Ukrainian
Subtitles: English, Romanian