Contest regulation:

Applications must be submitted in Romanian. The development of the projects in this contest will be in Romanian.

Preamble: ASOCIATIA CINEMASCOP will organize a screenwriting contest entitled: Write a screenplay for, with the goal of developing one or more scripts featuring a world-renowned actor in the main role.  

For the first edition, screenwriters are asked to write a text for Romanian-American actor Sebastian Stan.

For the first edition, the contest is open for those who can write in Romanian.

The deadline for submissions is March 26th, 2019, at 23:00 (Romanian time).  

Writers are asked to submit:

– a log-line of up to three sentences

– an outline for a feature-length film or a TV miniseries, having Sebastian Stan in a main role.

– outlines for feature-length films should be max. one page

– outlines for a TV miniseries should be max. three pages

– a sequence of max. four pages with dialogue, representing a conflictual scene

– a professional CV also including contact details.  

Projects will be analyzed until April 5th, 2019.

A jury formed of Alexandru Baciu and Silvia Popescu will choose the final projects. Results will be published on April 8th, 2019.

Successful applicants will be invited to attend a development workshop, to take place between April 10th-17th, 2019, in Bucharest.

The Organizer will cover:

–              Transport to Bucharest for the workshop, within the Romanian territory

–              A maximum amount of 150 EUR for the transport of finalists who are not based in Romania

–              Accomodation in Bucharest during the workshop, April 10-17th, 2019 

The activity will solicit a period of active work, taking form both individually and in a group setting, with screenwriters and experienced supervisers for the development of submitted outlines.

The projects of the finalists will then be reviewed by a panel of specialists, including Sebastian Stan, who will choose the projects they wish to see developed. On April 18th, 2019, the winning projects will be publicly announced.

Sebastian Stan’s involvement in the project as Mentor does not constitute any obligation whatsoever to accept any role, should submitted or successful applications for film or TV reach production stage.

Authors of the winning projects will receive a non-recoupable award of 1000 Euro, to further develop their project until script stage.

Projects will be automatically submitted to according copyright protection associations with the assistance of the organisers.

Scripts must be finalized by October 1st, 2019.

During the writing stage, authors will benefit from the consultation of a group of supervisers chosen by the organisers.

The collaboration between contest organisers and authors will be authorized through a contract which will be given to the finalists before the announcement of the winning projects.

Enrolment is free of charge for the author’s first application.

Should the author wish to submit more than one project, every supplimentary submission will carry a application fee of 50 RON.

Applicants are required to indicate the number of applications they wish to submit.

The fee for the supplementary applications will be paid in the bank account of ASOCIATIA CINEMASCOP according to instructions received upon requests.

Submissions are to be sent to:


For more details and information:

Asociatia Cinemascop

+4021 666 48 27

Submission to the contest constitutes the acceptation of all terms set out in this document.

Submissions to the contest constitues applicant’s consent to have their personal data collected, in accordance with GDPR regulations.