Palme d’Or (ex-aequo), Cannes 1961

Directed by: Luis BUÑUEL
Year of production: 1961
Country: Spain, Mexico
Genre: drama
Length: 90 minutes

In Luis Buñuel’s controversial masterpiece, Viridiana, a young novice about to take her final vows as a nun, accedes, moved purely by a sense of obligation, to a request from her widowed uncle to visit him. Stirred by her resemblance to his late wife, he attempts to seduce her and tragedy ensues. In the aftermath, Viridiana tries to assuage her guilt by creating a haven for the destitute folk who live around her uncle’s estate. But little good comes from these good intentions.

Luis BUÑUEL – Director
Luis BUÑUEL – Script / Dialogue
Julio ALEJANDRO – Script / Dialogue
José AGUAYO – Cinematography

Sylvia PINAL
Fernando REY
Francisco RABAL
Margarita LOZANO