In competition, Cannes 1996

Directed by: Lucian Pintilie
Country: Romania, France
Year: 1996
Length: 106 minutes
Genre: drama

Young trainee prosecutor Dumitru Costa is entrusted to investigate the suspicious death of a Jiu Valley coal miner in 1990s Romania. The man’s demise was an accident or was he murdered? Soon after arriving in the Valley, Costa will fall in love with Alina, a local engineer who helps him in his investigation.

Directed by: Lucian Pintilie

Screenplay: Lucian Pintilie, Răzvan Popescu

Cinematography: Călin Gibu

Montage: Victoriţa Nae

Sound: Andrei Papp

Production Design: Călin Papură

Răzvan Vasilescu

Cecilia Bârbora

Victor Rebengiuc

Original language: Romanian
Subtitles: English