Romanian Film Days Competition, Transilvania 2021

Directed by: Dragoș Hanciu

Year: 2021

Country: Romania

Genre: documentary

Length: 75 minutes

Mr. Georges, a flamboyant analogue photography lab technician from UNATC state film school in Bucharest, will be replaced by the new management, ending his lifelong career. In the process of making this hybrid observational-participatory film, Georges bonds with the director in what becomes an unexpected friendship. Against the backdrop of Romania’s biggest anti-corruption protests against the governing populist party, the film turns a humanistic gaze towards an institution that works as a mirror to the higher governing forces of its country. Georges’ fight for his job becomes a matter of life and death, more than a technological transition.

Directed by: Dragoș Hanciu

Screenplay: Dragoș Hanciu

Cinematography: Dragoș Hanciu

Editing: Ciprian Cimpoi

Sound: Vlad Feneșan, Filip Mureșan

Gheorghe Blondă

Dragoș Hanciu

Original language: Romanian
Subtitles: English