Hier/ Yesterday

Yesterday/ Hier/ Tegnap Directed by: Bálint Kenyeres Year of production: 2018 Country: Hungary, Germany, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Morocco Genre: drama Length: 119 minutes 50-year-old Victor Ganz owns a thriving civil engineering company that operates worldwide. Due to problems on a building site in North Africa he has to go there. In this [...]

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Ivana the Terrible

FALL PREVIEWS Special Jury Prize, Cineasti del Presente – Locarno IFF 2019   Directed by:  Ivana Mladenović Year of production: 2019 Country: Romania, Serbia Genre: drama, comedy Length: 86 minutes Ivana works as an actress in Romania, but after she is confronted with some health issues, decides to spend the summer in [...]

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Història de la meva mort (Story of my Death)

Golden Leopard, Locarno 2013 Directed by: Albert SERRA Year of production: 2013 Country: SPAIN, FRANCE Genre: drama Length: 140 minutes Casanova, a mature Marquis always accompanied by his servant and reputed for his spectacular sexual conquests, arrive in a small peasant village surrounded by thick forests. There, he will encounter the mysterious Count [...]

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