One Earth – Everything is Connected

Original language: English, Italisn

Subtitles: English


Directed by: Francesco DE AUGUSTINIS

Country: Italy

Year of production: 2021

Length: 93 minutes

Genre: documentary

Seen from the outside, they don’t even look like farms: they are blocks of concrete, several floors high, hidden in an earth quarry, in the center of a mountain in the remote heart of China. Within them, a hyper-intensive pig farm, designed to supply the increasing Chinese demand for pork.

Around this hyper-technological farm that is a symbol of human progress, a story unfolds, touching the four corners of the planet.  It shows how the global food system is irreversibly compromising the fragile balance of the planet and contributing to the current global crises such as climate change, epidemics, and the collapse of biodiversity.

From China, the new economic and food production giant globally, to the laboratories of the “food silicon valley” in the Netherlands, to the disputed lands to indigenous peoples in Brazil, to the global threats to human health, to the ethical questions that underlie our relationship with nature: One Earth tells stories apparently distant from each other, revealing how everything is connected, as in a complex system that rests on a fragile balance.