Directed by: Bogdan George Apetri
Country: Romania, Czechia, Latvia
Year: 2021
Genre: drama, thriller
Length: 118 minutes

Miracle follows nineteen-year-old nun Cristina as she sneaks out of her isolated monastery to attend to an urgent matter. Unable to solve her problem, on her way back to the convent, she meets an unexpected fate.
The second part of the film deals with Marius Preda, a determined police detective trying to understand what happened to her. Marius retraces Cristina’s journey, and his investigation uncovers clues and revelations leading not only to the unfathomable truth behind Cristina’s mysterious actions, but possibly, to an actual miracle as well.

Directed by: Bogdan George Apetri

Screenplay: Bogdan George Apetri

Cinematography: Oleg Mutu

Editing: Bogdan George Apetri

Sound: Mārtiņš Rozentāls

Production Design: Mihaela Poenaru

Ioana Bugarin

Emanuel Pârvu

Cezar Antal

Ovidiu Crișan

Valeriu Andriuță

Original language: Romanian
Subtitles: English