Directed by: Stefan Arsenijević
Year of production: 2007
Country: Serbia and Montenegro, Germany, Austria, Slovenia
Genre: drama
Length: 106 minutes

Anica lives in New Belgrade, a miserable district of tower blocks and concrete. She is mistress to Milutin, a wealthly local criminal who owns a solarium and runs a protection racket. Anica is determined not to grow old in this dump where neither love nor life seems to offer her a decent future. One grey winter’s day Anica has an idea to steal money from Milutin’s safe, get on a plane and leave the country forever.

Directed by – Stefan Arsenijević
Script – Stefan Arsenijević, Srdjan Koljevic, Bojan Vuletić
DoP – Simon Tanšek
Editing – Andrew Bird
Production design – Volker Schäfer
Costumes –  Veronika Albert, Nebojsa Lipanovic
Music – Oliver Welter

Anica Dobra
Vuk Kostic
Fedja Stojanović
Milena Dravić
Hanna Schwamborn
Josif Tatić