Directed by: Vali Hotea
Country: Romania
Year: 2021
Length: 97 minutes
Genre: drama, comedy

Ducu Dobrescu is a 45-year-old Romanian writer facing a midlife crisis. He leaves Bucharest to be part of a creative residence in Berlin and in an attempt to rebuild his life. He swings between two countries and two women: Andra, his hot-tempered wife, who wants a divorce, and Giulia, Ducu’s love from his youth, who lives in an eco-village in Germany – Lebensdorf. Looking for an answer, he goes through a series of strange, funny and even eye-opening events.

Directed by: Vali Hotea

Screenplay: Vali Hotea, Ileana Muntean

Cinematography: Alexandru Solomon

Editing: Dana Bunescu

Sound: Mirel Cristea

Production Design: Mălina Ionescu

Mimi Brănescu

Ana Covalciuc

Ioana Flora

Original language: Romanian, English, German

Subtitles: English, Romanian