Special Mention – Un Certain Regard, Cannes 2019

Directed by:  Bruno DUMONT

Year of production: 2019

Country: FRANCE

Genre: drama

Length: 137 minutes

It is the beginning of the year 1429 and the Hundred Years’ War is still raging. Jeanne, invested with a military and spiritual mission, delivers the city of Orléans and returns the Dauphin to the French throne. She then goes to fight in Paris where she finds herself at the heart of the conflict’s internal struggles and comes up against the coarseness of French soldiers. Jeanne nonetheless remains entirely focused on her divine mission. After being taken prisoner in Compiègne by the Burgundians, she is handed over to the English. Her trial then begins in Rouen, conducted by Pierre Cauchon who seeks to deprive her of all credibility. Faithful to her mission and refusing to acknowledge the charges of witchcraft against her, Jeanne is sentenced to burn at the stake for heresy.

Bruno DUMONT – Director

Bruno DUMONT – Film Editor

Philippe LECOEUR – Sound

Alexandra CHARLES – Costumes designer

Basile BELKHIRI – Film Editor

Romain OZANNE – Sound

Emmanuel CROSET – Sound