In Competition, Cannes 2019


Directed by: Ira Sachs

Year of production: 2019

Country: France, Portugal

Genre: drama

Length: 98 minutes

Frankie, a famous French actress, learns that she only has a few months to live. For one final family vacation, she gathers everyone together in Sintra, Portugal.

Ira SACHS – Director

Ira SACHS – Script / Dialogue

Mauricio ZACHARIAS – Script / Dialogue

Isabelle HUPPERT – Frankie

Marisa TOMEI – Ilene

Pascal GREGGORY – Michel

Ariyon BAKARE – Ian

Brendan GLEESON – Jimmy

Jérémie RENIER – Paul

Vinette ROBINSON – Sylvia

Greg KINNEAR – Gary

Sennia NENUA – Maya

Carloto COTTA – Tiago