Directed by: Ioana Mischie
Country: Romania
Year: 2021
Length: 60 minutes
Genre: drama

Fragile is an independent project showcasing stories about vulnerability. Shaped as a modular documentary, Fragile presents the stories of five women, all played by famed actress Ioana Flora. After finding themselves in vulnerable situations, these five women succeed in overcoming their challenges and moving on. The project tackles a wide spectrum of topics, from the Wonder Woman syndrome to mono-parental families, autism, violence against women and human trafficking.

Directed by: Ioana Mischie

Screenplay: Ioana Flora, Rucsandra Pop

Cinematography: Ana Banu, Alina Manea, Miruna Vasilescu

Editing: Ana Banu, Alina Manea

Sound: Ana Banu, Alina Manea

Ioana Flora

Original language: Romanian