Història de la meva mort (Story of my Death)

Golden Leopard, Locarno 2013 Directed by: Albert SERRA Year of production: 2013 Country: SPAIN, FRANCE Genre: drama Length: 140 minutes Casanova, a mature Marquis always accompanied by his servant and reputed for his spectacular sexual conquests, arrive in a small peasant village surrounded by thick forests. There, he will encounter the mysterious Count [...]

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Los Santos Inocentes

Award for Best Actor, Cannes 1984 Directed by: Mario Camus Year of production: 1984 Country: Spain Genre: drama Length: 105 minutes The picture tells the story of a peasant family from Estremadura who, as many others, lives under and is subjected to the landowning class ruling over them through the control of resources. [...]

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Cría Cuervos

Special Jury Prize (ex-aequo), Cannes 1976 Directed by: Carlos Saura Year of production: 1976 Country: Spain Genre: drama Length: 107 minutes Carlos Saura's exquisite Cría cuervos heralded a turning point in Spain: shot while General Franco was on his deathbed, the film melds the personal and the political in a portrait of the [...]

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Palme d’Or (ex-aequo), Cannes 1961 Directed by: Luis BUÑUEL Year of production: 1961 Country: Spain, Mexico Genre: drama Length: 90 minutes In Luis Buñuel’s controversial masterpiece, Viridiana, a young novice about to take her final vows as a nun, accedes, moved purely by a sense of obligation, to a request from her widowed [...]

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Bienvenido Mr. Marshall!

FOCUS SPAIN International Prize for Comedy Film, Special Mention (screenplay), Cannes 1953 Directed by: Luis Garcia BERLANGA Year of production: 1953 Country: Spain Genre: comedy Length: 78 minutes The film has long been noted as a landmark film in Spanish cinema, "el clásico más irónico del cine español". Under the guise of a [...]

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O Que Arde (Fire Will Come)

Jury Prize – Un Certain Regard, Cannes 2019 Directed by: Oliver LAXE Year of production: 2019 Country: SPAIN, FRANCE, LUXEMBOURG Genre: drama Length: 85 minutes When Amador Coro gets out of prison for having provoked a fire, nobody is waiting for him. He returns to his home town, a small village hidden in [...]

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FOCUS SPAIN/ FOCUS ALBERT SERRA Special Jury Prize – Un certain Regard, Cannes 2019 Directed by: Albert SERRA Year of production: 2019 Country: FRANCE, PORTUGAL, SPAIN, GERMANY Genre: drama Length: 134 minutes 1774, shortly before the French Revolution, somewhere between Potsdam and Berlin. Madame de Dumeval, the Duke de Tesis and the Duke [...]

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La Mort de Louis XIV

Special Screenings, Cannes 2016 Directed by: Albert SERRA Year of production: 2016 Country: FRANCE Genre: drama Length: 105 minutes August 1715. After going for a walk, Louis XIV feels a pain in his leg. The next days, the king keeps fulfilling his duties and obligations, but his sleep is troubled and he has [...]

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