Busan IFF 2019


Directed by: Liviu Săndulescu

Year of production: 2019

Country: Romania, Sweden

Genre: drama

Length: 90 minutes

Cărturan, a 60-year old man, lives in a village with his grandson. He learns that he is terminally ill and will not live much longer. The man is trying to take care of the things he considers to be most important, like where is his grandson going to stay after his death. In addition, Cărturan wants to hold a funeral mass while he is still alive.

Director: Liviu SĂNDULESCU

Producer: Anca PUIU

Screenplay: Liviu SĂNDULESCU, Bogdan Adrian TOMA

Cinematography: Oleg MUTU

Production Design: Alexandra STROE UNGUREANU

Editor: Ioachim STROE

Sound: Eric GUSLÉN

Music: Hasan NASSER

Teodor Corban
Vlad Popescu
Adrian Titieni
Dana Dogaru
Cristina Flutur
Iulia Lumânare