21 de Rubini

Directed by: Ciprian MEGA

Country: Romania

Year of production: 2023

Length: 150 minutes

Genre: drama

The story of Nina, a young prosecutor portrayed by Corina Moise, unfolds as Nina and her boyfriend, Yuri (Anthony Delon), a film director, collaborate on the development of a screenplay inspired by a family portrait. The political tensions at the end of the year 2022 bring Nina into the public spotlight, with her name being circulated for the position of Attorney General of Romania. However, her appointment to this role depends on Mandovanis (Mickey Rourke), the Secretary of State of the U.S. government, and Nicoletta Delalachiessa (Elisabetta Pellini), the representative of the European Commission. Her meetings with them turn into a genuine examination, coupled with artistic pursuits and her romantic relationship with Yuri, revealing Nina’s perception of the society in which she lives.