We have cinemas. What to do with them?

Thursday, October 25, 10.00 AM, Cinema Studio

Guests: Bogdan Tofan (architect), Ileana Tureanu (president of the The Union of Romanian Architectes), Alex Trăilă (Romanian Film Center), Valentina Miu (MEDIA Programme in Romania), Claude Eric Poiroux (director of Europa Cinemas), Lucian Pricop (vice-president of Filmmakers’ Union in Romania).
Free entrance. Organized in partnership with Biennale of architecture and The Union of Romanian Architectes.

Romanian legislation has allowed local authorities in recent years to recover some of the cinemas previously owned by R.A.D.E.F. Româniafilm. Built in the 1960s or earlier, and now in an advanced degradation state, they are the witnesses of an era in which people came to cinema in great numbers.

Today, local authorities are confronted with a dilemma: will hundreds of people ever come to the screenings as a rule? Does it make sense to restore these cinemas by keeping the initial configuration? Are multifunctional halls the solution? A single place for theater performances, cinema screenings, concerts and conferences?

Les Films de Cannes à Bucarest proposes a model for transforming these spaces and a meeting between decision-makers who can work together to give them back to the community.