Development Labs

Sunday, 28th October, Cinema Elvire Popesco, 11.00.

Free entrance.


The project development laboratories became, especially after the launching of the European Union’s MEDIA Program, an increasingly accessed stage for filmmakers preparing their projects for funding applications.

Les Films de Cannes à Bucarest proposes a detailed presentation of some of Europe’s most prestigious and efficient development labs. Find out their offers and see which one would suit you, how you can apply, and how are the projects being selected.

At the same time, the event is the first step in the making of the development lab Les Films pour Cannes à Bucarest, which aims at intervening in those stages that are not usually part of the curricula of existing laboratories. A laboratory that does not aim to compete with existing ones, but to associate them in a partnership for the benefit of filmmakers

The participants have the unique opportunity to meet some of the most important coordinators of such programs.



Georges Goldenstern – Cannes La Résidence / Cinéfondation / L’Atelier

Matthieu Darras – Torino FilmLab, Trieste When East Meets West

Julie Metzdorff – Sources 2

Marija Krunic – International Filmmaking Academy, Bologna, laborator pentru studenții școlilor de cinema