Debat des Cinéastes – For whom do we make films today?

A free discussion between filmmakers, Thursday, October 25th, 3.00 PM, at Kyralina French Library

Guests: Guillaume Nicloux, Olivier Dô Hùu, Andrei Ujică, Corneliu Porumboiu
Moderators: Mirel Bran, Cristian Mungiu

Free entrance. The dialogue will take place in French and English and will be recorded by Radio RFI Romania, to be broadcasted on 27 and 28th of October, from 6.10 PM.
Partners: SACD, Kyralina Library, RFI

The cinematic landscape changes under our eyes. The Internet, film digitization, mobile phones, tablets, the emergence of Netflix or Amazon, the Home Cinema systems and multiplexes that have replaced the local cinema changed the experience in such way that you can find more differences than similarities between the 70’s and today’s cinema consumption.
Do filmmakers keep up with these changes? Are they able to adapt? Are we entering the age of content production, to the detriment of film production? Does cinema have a future? What does it look like?