Directed by: Mona NICOARĂ, Dana BUNESCU
Year: 2018
Length: 89 minutes
Genre: drama

We all wrestle with our past. Some more than others. Nina Cassian – poet, musician, visual artist, femme fatale, prodigious drinker and terminal smoker – had more than most to wrestle with: her refuge in the Communist underground during the Fascist 1940s put her first in complicit proximity to the Stalinist regime of the 1950s, propelled her on a collision course with the Ceaușescu regime in the 1970s, and then sent her into an unwanted New York exile in 1985, when her samizdat poems led to a secret police murder. An intensely personal film about art, belief, and politics, The Distance Between Me and Me looks at the friction between individual memory and official archives, between our present reality and the fictions of our former selves. Nina’s words during her last year of life are set against a rich archive of films, music, poems, official television appearances, never-before-seen private recordings, and secret police surveillance materials. The result is as an illumination of the ethical and aesthetic quandaries that belong as much to our past as they seem to prefigure our troubled future.

Mona NICOARĂ, Dana BUNESCU – Director
after an idea of ADA SOLOMON
Ada SOLOMON – Producer
Alexandru SOLOMON, Mona NICOARĂ – Co-Producers
Ovidiu MĂRGINEAN, Rudolf Costin – Director of photography
Dana BUNESCU – Editing
Nina CASSIAN – Music
Șerban JIPA – Grafics