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Directors’ Fortnight, Cannes 2017

Directed by: Sean Baker
Year: 2017
Country: UK
Genre: Drama
Length: 111 minutes

Young single-mother Halley (Instagram star Bria Vinaite) and her rowdy and adorable six-year-old daughter Moonee (Brooklynn Prince) spend their days in the pastel-colored world of Orlando’s low-income motels with idyllic abandon, getting by on meagre earnings but enjoying life to the fullest. Watching over them and reeling-in their reckless behavior is the loving protector and motel manager Bobby (Willem Dafoe in an Oscar-nominated performance). When the dark cloud of poverty threatens to break up their fairy-tale life, Halley’s solution puts them at further risk with dire consequences.

Director: Sean Baker
Screenwriter: Sean Baker, Chris Bergoch
Cinematography: Alexis Zabe
Sound: Lorne Balfe

Willem Dafoe
Brooklynn PrInce
Bria Vinaite
Caleb Landry Jones