All events will take place in accordance with the health measures imposed by the authorities, which will be mandatory for both audience and team members, in order to protect the health of everybody.

*According to the latest regulations published by the authorities regarding the public events, each participant must go through a temperature check.
*It is also mandatory to wear a personal mask (medical / non-medical) throughout the event and disinfect your hands with the gel provided at the entrance.
*AIFF reserves the right to perform an observational triage and to
deny access to persons showing symptoms of respiratory infection (cough, sneezing, rhinorrhea), those who do not wear a mask, do not disinfect their hands, refuse to have their temperature checked, or have more than 37, 3 degrees Celsius.
*Observance of the rules of social distance (maintaining min 1.5 meters between people) is mandatory from entering the festival venues until leaving them.
*In the screening areas it is mandatory to observe the spaces marked by the organizers. Indoors, it is only allowed to people with underage (maximum 2) to sit next to each other. It is not allowed to change the seat during the screening.
*To avoid any kind of congestion, the warning signs and markings in each location must be observed. It is forbidden for participants to block or stand in the routed they use.
*Please dispose of used packaging and / or leaflets and brochures that you do not want to keep in specially marked places.
*All surfaces that come into contact with the public are regularly disinfected by the staff.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.