Competition – Cannes

Directed by: Todd Haynes
Year: 2017
Country: USA
Genre: drama
Length: 117 minutes

Award-winning director Todd Haynes continues his streak of success following the Oscar-nominated CAROL with WONDERSTRUCK, starring Haynes’ artistic muse, Julianne Moore. A magical fable, the film follows two intertwined journeys (set 50 years apart) through the cinematic backdrop of New York’s urban landscape. Our guides are Ben and Rose, pre-teens who run away from their homes in search for the parent missing from their lives, and find themselves in Haynes’ fairytale New York of 1977 and, respectively, 1927. An homage to the storytelling power of cinema, WONDERSTRUCK is a heartwarming adventure through parallel histories of a city and the people that defines it.

Todd Haynes – Director
Brian Selznick – Screenwriter
Edward Lachman – Cinematography
Affonso Gonçalves – Editing
Carter Burwell – Sound

Oakes Fegley
Millicent Simmonds
Julianne Moore
Michelle Williams