Part of the section “American Independent Cinema Curated by Kent Jones”

May 1st, 18:00 h, Cinema Muzeul Taranului
Free admission depending on availability

Official Selection, Cannes

Directed by: Monte Hellman
Year: 1966
Country: USA
Genre: western
Length: 82 minutes

Presented at the Cannes Film Festival in 1967, was shot on a budget of 75.000 dollars and produced by director Roger Corman and Jack Nicholson who also stars in the film. Monte Hellman’s gem is set in the American desert, and opens with Willet Gashade, a former bounty hunter, who returns to his mining camp to find that his brother has negligently killed two people and run off. The sudden appearance of a mysterious woman asking to be escorted to the town of Kingsley arouses Willet’s suspicions, but he nevertheless accepts, bringing along his affable sidekick. With the scorching sun threatening their journey and a shadowy cowboy hot on their trail, the three embark on a journey that threatens at every gallop to be their last.

Monte Hellman  – Director
Carole Eastman (as Adrien Joyce)– Screenwriter
Gregor Sandor – Cinematography
Richard Markowitz – Sound

Will Hutchins
Millie Perkins
Jack Nicholson
Warren Oates