Presented in the “John Cassavetes Retrospectiva” and in the section “American Independent Cinema Curated by Kent Jones”

Sunday, 29th of April, at 15:30 –  Muzeul Țăranului Cinema
Free admission depending on availability

Golden Lion – Venice 1980
Nominated for Best Actress, Gena Rowlands – Oscars 1981

Directed by: John Cassavetes
Year: 1980
Country: USA
Genre: drama
Length: 123 minutes

When the mob’s accountant-turned-FBI-informant is gunned down, his secret ledger and young boy get taken under the protective wing of his tough-as-nails neighbour and ex-mafia companion, Gloria. So begins a cat-and-mouse pursuit through gritty Manhattan between the mob and the two runaways. With her keen sense for survival Gloria keeps them one step ahead as they navigate New York’s slums and upscale neighbourhoods.

John Cassavetes – Director
John Cassavetes – Screenwriter
Fred Schuler – Cinematography
George C. Villaseñor – Editing
Bill Conti – Music

Gena Rowlands
John Adames
Julie Carmen
Buck Henry