Part of the section “American Independent Cinema Curated by Kent Jones”

May 3rd, 18:30 h, Cinema Muzeul taranului
Free admission depending on availability

Year: 1967
Length: 13 minutes
Synopsis: in “Report” (1967), Conner uses recordings of the JFK assassination and other footage from the mass-media to construct an incisive commentary on pop culture’s creation, obsession, and commercialization of celebrity and death.

Year: 1976
Length: 37 minutes
Synopsis: “Crossroads” is a double-take of the Operation Crossroads underwater atomic test of 1946. The monumental explosion is seen twice from different angles but with a different soundtrack each time. The first uses real sounds to recreate a naturalistic atmosphere. The second is scored by minimalist composer Terry Riley, offering a meditative counterpoint to the destructive power manifested onscreen.

Looking for Mushrooms
Year: 1996
Length: 14 minutes
Synopsis: Conner’s first color film, is a travelogue during his brief stay in Mexico between 1961-1962. The film was shot between 1959-1967, and the version to be presented in Romania is Conner’s 1996 remake of his earlier version.