Official Selection – Sundance
Selection – Rotterdam

Directed by: Jim Hosking
Year: 2018
Country: USA
Genre: comedy
Length: 108 minutes

Lulu Danger (Aubrey Plaza) is seemingly unfazed when her husband fires her from the cappuccino diner he owns; even when he steals her adopted vegan brother’s cashbox. It’s because she’s pining for her old flame, Beverly Luff. When hitman-for-hire Colin (Jemaine Clement) comes to retrieve the stolen goods, Lulu runs away to find her true love – with cashbox and smitten gunman in tow. Hiding out at a motel, Lulu discovers her deliverance: Beverly Luff has arrived to give a one-night magical performance. Under one roof and a revolving door of comedies of error unravels an absurd and surreal neon-Lynchian romance-comedy. Strange, visually bewitching and laugh-out-loud funny, such is AN EVENING WITH BEVERLY LUFF LINN.

Jim Hosking – Director
Jim Hosking, David Wike – Screenwriter
Nanu Segal – Cinematography
Mark Burnett, Nick Emerson – Editing
Jim Morgan – Sound

Aubrey Plaza
Jemaine Clement
Emile Hirsch
Craig Robinson