Tokyo IFF, Toronto IFF

Directed by: Robert BUDREAU
Year of production: 2015
Country: Canada, UK
Genre: drama, musical
Length: 97 minutes

Ethan Hawke stars in the role of Chet Baker in this remarkably creative reimagining of the legendary jazz trumpeter’s struggle to overcome his demons and stage a comeback.

“Ethan Hawke is at his very best in Born to be Blue, a deeply felt and profoundly moving depiction of the relationship between art and addiction.” – We Got This Covered

Robert BUDREAU – Director
Robert BUDREAU – Screenwriter
Steve COSENS – Cinematography
David FREEMAN – Editing
David BRAID, Todor KOBAKOV, Steve LONDON – Music

Carmen EJOGO
Callum Keith RENNIE

Original language: English
Subtitle: Romanian