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Through the Olive Trees

In competition, Cannes 1994

Directed by: Abbas KIAROSTAMI
Year of production: 1994
Country: IRAN
Genre: drama, docudrama
Length: 103 minutes

During production of Life and Nothing More …, Kiarostami had noticed tension between Hossein and Tahereh, the actors portraying the young couple who got married just after the quake. Now, returning to a theme he had explored before in The Experience, he depicts two people whose love story is blocked at every turn by class and tradition.

  • Realizatori
  • Actori
  • Trailer
Abbas KIAROSTAMI – Director
Abbas KIAROSTAMI – Script / Dialogue
Hossein DJAFARIAN – Cinematography
Farhad SABA – Cinematography
Abbas KIAROSTAMI – Film Editor

Hossein REZAI

Original language: Persian
Subtitles: English, Romanian