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In competition, Cannes 2002

Directed by: Abbas KIAROSTAMI
Year of production: 2002
Country: FRANCE / IRAN
Genre: drama
Length: 94 minutes

Ten sequences examine the emotional lives of women at significant junctures. The film is divided into ten scenes, each of which depict a conversation between an unchanging female driver (played by Mania Akbari) and a variety of passengers as she drives around Tehran.

  • Realizatori
  • Actori
  • Trailer
Abbas KIAROSTAMI – Director
Abbas KIAROSTAMI – Screenwriter
Howard BLAKE – Music

Mania Akbari
Amin Maher
Kamran Adl
Roya Akbari
Roya Arabshahi
Amene Moradi
Mandana Sharbaf
Katayoun Taleizadeh

Original language: Persian
Subtitles: English, Romanian