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Ma’ Rosa

Award for Best Actress, Cannes 2016

Directed by: Brillante MENDOZA
Year of production: 2015
Genre: drama
Length: 110 minutes

Ma’ Rosa has four children. She owns a small convenient store in a poor neighborhood of Manila where everybody likes her. To make ends meet, Rosa and her husband, Nestor, resell small amounts of narcotics on the side. One day, they get arrested. Rosa and her children are ready to do anything to buy her freedom from the corrupt police.

  • Realizatori
  • Actori
  • Trailer

Brillante MENDOZA – Director
Troy ESPIRITU – Script / Dialogue

Jaclyn JOSE – Rosa
Andi EIGENMANN – Raquel
Julio DIAZ – Nestor
Mark Anthony FERNANDEZ – Castor
Baron GEISLER – Sumpay
Felix ROCO – Jackson
Jomari ANGELES – Erwin
Mon CONFIADO – Sanchez
Neil Ryan SESE – Olivarez
Maria Isabel LÓPEZ – Tilde
Mercedes CABRAL – Linda

Original language: Filipino, Tagalog
Subtitles: English, Romanian