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All journalists interested in paticipating to the screenings, conferences and debates of the 7th edition of Les Films de Cannes à Bucarest can obtain accreditation by filling out a form and sending it at the following e-mail adress: contact@filmedefestival.ro.

Requests can be sent in during Septembeer 20th September –October 4th 2016. For the written and the online press, requests must include two articles (as links or attachments) of the author about the previous editions of the event, or for those requesting accreditation for the first time, two relevant articles on the subject of films/cinema. Only one accreditation per publication/TV/radio station will be assigned.
IMPORTANT : The number of press accreditations is limited! Applications entering our inbox with one link to at least one article about the festival’s current edition will have priority – the article must be written untill the moment of the submission.

Please bear in mind that all journalists credited two consecutive editions, who haven’t posted or published any relevant and original materials about the festival, won’t be credited to this year’s edition.

The pass allows access to all screenings, debates, masterclasses and conferences. Photographers and videographers have free access to the events – besides film screenings – based on their press card.

Accreditation form can be downloaded here: Accreditation Form_Les Films de Cannes a Bucarest2016


For further information and questions, please contact us.

Laura Ducu, PR & Press Officer

E-mail: contact@filmedefestival.ro

Phone: 0721376050